Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Fabric Addiction Grows!

As usual I've been buying from SL, here's some of my latest purchases:

Burda patterns when they were on sale for only $6. This is my first girls pattern, can't wait to make an outfit for my friend's daughter! I also needed a plain t-shirt and short pattern for Jai, it's a bonus that it also has a tracksuit pattern as well.
This is the fabric I want to use to make the girls top.
This one will probably become a library bag and cushion.
Hmmm not sure what I'll do with this, but it was only $2 per metre!
This was going out on clearance as buy 1m get 1m free - I was finally there on the day they were offering it, I kept going the day after I found out but they didn't have the same offer! I will use it for Jai's sleeping bag for next year (I'm sure he'll still be a wriggle pot then too!)
Here's the 9.6 metres of Thomas Tank material for Jai's curtains - now I need the confidence to cut into it.

The next lot I bought from Melann's Fabric. I did a class there a couple of months ago, but haven't gone back in to look at the fabric. They have lots of different things and found these on special:

Check print for shirt or shorts for Jai / Jordan, bright dots will be a shirt for Jai.

Pretty pink floral for anther bag.

Then I went into another shop just down the road called Quilt's and Threads. Been wanting to go for ages, but wanted to wait till I could leave Jai at home. Well the place is huge, I've never seen so many different fabrics prints before - and I am now addicted to fat quarters - These will all be made into bags (with a plain cotton lining). Also had to show the gorgeous little paper bag it came in too (I like the little touches!).

I'm home alone tonight as Steve has taken to boys overnight to his parents house, so I have all night to get organised for a full sewing day tomorrow!


candi said...

That's quite a haul there, Nat, sure to keep you busy!

Cass said...

Natalie, great haul. I love the Burda patterns. I got fabric the same as your pink one but in green and I made a skirt for Charlotte with it. Got to love a good bargain.

Belinda said...

Hi Natalie, I have the Burda shorts and t-shirt (and pants and Jacket) pattern. The shorts I made for James in my blog are from that pattern. I really liked it!

Kylie said...

Hi love the Burda patterns. I am a little jelous as our spotlight store is terrible and it is the only one for 3000km. And I really wanted the little top and pant pattern and couldn't get it. I could have ordered it - but it usually takes about 8 weeks:)

Have fun creating

Julie said...

I love that pattern you got and keep eyeing it off. I just may have to get it too!!

I like your stash.