Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Secret Santa Questions

1. What's your favorite colour? Purple and pink

2. What's your favorite item to sew? At the moment I'm addicted to making handbags, but also love sewing clothes for my boys!

3. What items other people have made would you have loved to have done yourself? Dresses and skirts!!! I'm making my first dress for my friend's daughter's 1st birthday next week - can't wait.

4. What takes your fancy in the notions world? Rik Rack? Ribbons? Trim?? Ummm, haven't used much of any of these, but I do love ribbons and have been trying to find nice kids buttons for my boys - there are alot of girly ones around, but not much for the boys......

5. What is your fabric weakness? At the moment I'm addicted to fat quarters - perfect size for my small handbags - and also just buying when I don't really need it, but I will use it one day! lol

6. What's one thing you haven't tried but would like to? Buttons

7. Is there any patterns that you like in particular? Umm, I've only followed a couple and found them both confusing! I find when I modify one and work it out for myself I find it much easier.

8. How long have you been sewing for? I used to hem up remnants of fabric for my dolls with my mum when I was really young - but only started sewing again in the last 4 months.

9. What size are your kids? Jai is currently a size 2, but probably really needs to start wearing size 3s. Jordan is between a size 7 and 8. Both of them are a size bigger in the top - they have long arms and long upper bodies.

10. Do you like quick projects or projects that take a little longer to finish? Probably prefer quick, I like to have something to show off at the end of the day. But then it is also very satisfying to finally complete something that has taken days of work too.

11. What do you hope to do with your sewing in the future? Selling/Sell more/keep as hobby etc/Design....? I'd like to have the time for both. At the moment I've just started selling my bags, but would love to have more time to sew for the boys and myself. I'd like to get to the point where we are wearing mostly things I've made and only have to buy the odd piece, eg underwear, school tops etc.

12. What is your favourite time of year? I also love christmas - I think I get that from my mum as she also loved it! Every inch of the house would have tinsel hanging from it, and she was so fussy when picking out a tree - We also bought a live pine tree and I've kept that tradition too. The smell especially, it's just lovely. Also the weather is lovely, Steve and the boys are on holidays so we all get time together.

13. What is your favorite type of fabric? I love working with 100% cotton, I find it nice and easy to work with. I also adore working with the embroidered silk, harder to work with, but I love the look and feel of it - it makes me feel rich when I buy it!

14. What is you least favourite fabric to sew with? Anything silky, it's hard to cut out and sew!!!

15. Do you have any christmas traditions? picking out a live tree from the christmas tree farm. Driving around checking out people's home light displays, going to either the city or Norwood pagent, taking the boys into the Magic Cave (David Jones). On Christmas eve we sprinkle the front lawn with magic reindeer food (porridge oats and glitter).

16. What frustrates you about sewing? When I make silly mistakes and have to use my unpicker!

17. What 'style' do you dress your children in/ which shop clothes do you try to imitate? Umm, not sure yet, I still haven't made many things for my boys, but I do like PP clothes and am also loving the more vintage inspired cowboy fabrc at the moment.

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