Monday, October 09, 2006

We got our softies!

My boys were very happy to find their softies from Marie in the post today! They are both adorable and such a different idea. Jordan quickly snapped up 'Incey Wincey' as he loves spiders. Jai woke up to find the prime mover for him and he started pushing it around the table saying 'Truck, vroom, vroom' lol. Here's some pics:

Kisses from Jai and cuddles from Jordan:
You can see Jai saying "vroom, vroom":
I love both your ideas and am in awe at how neat your applique stiching is (How do you get it so perfect?????)
Thank you so much Marie!



Andrea said...

WOW they are very original and very nice!
What lucky boys, you can see how much they love them.
Well done Marie!

lolliegirl said...

Oh WOW! They look great! I hope the boys have fun playing with them. Great job Marie!!

novy said...

I have been thinking of making a train softie for my son, I just got inspiration from these softies you received. Excellent work Marie!

Belinda said...

What fantastic ideas! They look great. Fantastic Marie!

candi said...

They are gorgeous!

Very boy-ish!

Cass said...

Wow they are great. Your boys are very lucky and wel done Marie they look fantastic.

ingrid said...

Wow, these are fabulous, your boys look very pleased. Great work Marie.

Marie said...

Thanks guys...I am very happy that jordan likes spiders - I guess it supposed to be. My original idea was to do a russian doll type thing but when I found out I got Natalie with 2 boys, I had to rethink my idea. Everyone has done a fantastic job with their softies I have to say.

Julie said...

Love these softies, they are fantastic!!