Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My First Shirt!

I've finally made my first shirt! After collecting various patterns and fabirc, I finally got the time to make one. In the end I used my EB Challenge Fabric, as I didn't have quite enough of the teddy bear material I wanted to use originally - and everything else hadn't been washed yet!

Here's the result:
Shy guy:
And Cheeky Poser! lol:

I used a Butterick pattern 3475, but will try a different one next time. I found that it over-explained all the simple parts, but then didn't go into enough detail on the tricker parts like the collar especially - I just couldn't work out their instructions or follow the picture. I tried to do it their way, but am not happy with how it sits at the front, so would change it next time. Will be looking for a different pattern to make a matching one for Jordan!



Cass said...

Natalie, that looks fantastic. Very brave of you to do a collar. The material is very "cool"

Andrea said...

Natalie, oh he is just the cutest little thing, love that second photo.
You have done a great job on the shirt, Jai really suits the colour.
Good job on the collar!

novy said...

Looks great Natalie. I have made a shirt using a Burda pattern and while it looks fine, I found it hard to understand the instructions. I have bought a Simplicity pattern recently as personally it seems easier to understand.

ingrid said...

Great job Natalie, it looks fabulous! I have a shirt pattern that does the same thing. The instructions say something like 'attach collar', and I need a LOT more info than that, lol.

Marie said...

Shirts looks fantastic Natalie. I really love it, so cool for your little man.

Helen said...

Fantastic shirt Natalie!!! I'm with Cass, your really brave to try such a pattern! Great job!

brazen's crafts said...

that's almost exactly what i was going to make!!! (maybe one day lol)