Wednesday, December 20, 2006

EB SS - made by me

Well since my EB SS has made it's way to the lovely Ingrid, I can post a photo in here too! I found the bright yellow sewing themed FQ at the recent Quilt and Craft Fair in Adelaide and after reading that Ingrid's fav colour was yellow, I had to buy it and it begged to be made into a bag.

It was so much fun picking out things for someone else, although I almost kept the ribbon, I just loved it ;) (I did have to buy an extra packet of the frog buttons to keep for Jai, they were just too cute!)

Natalie xx


novy said...

That's a great pressie for Ingrid. Love all the items you picked for her.

ingrid said...

Thank you again Natalie. I just love everything. My husband laughed when he read all the sayings on the bag, he thought they were very appropiate, lol. I am going to have a go at making little bow hairclips with the ribbon. I will let you know how they go. Thank you secret santa :-)