Tuesday, January 16, 2007

EB Valentie's Swap Questions

Ok, sorry for being late, crazy hectic life at the moment. So much for holidays hey lol!

Here's the answers:

1. Kids…. Ages….Measurements….
Two boys, Jordan is 6 1/2 years old and is a size 7 - 8 in the top and a 7 in the bottoms. Jai just turned 2 and is a size 3.

2. Fav. colours
Mine are purple and pink. Jordan's are green and blue, and suddenly Jai loves pink lol!

3. What is garish about valentines?
Hate the plastic tube roses, very tacky.

4. What do you LOVE about valentines?
That Steve and I take the time out to have a special day together. Normally have a nice dinner if it's on a week day, and then just lots of cuddles.
I also love flowers, my favourites are poppies, lillies and gerberas.

5. What fabric, haberdashery item, sewing essential melts your heart?
I love embroidered fabrics, silk especially, but even love the polyester blend ones - they are just lush.


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