Thursday, April 05, 2007

EB Kitchen Swap

Well I feel extra special today as Tiger Filly actually hand delivered my swap gift!! I love the bright colours, especially the purple on the oven mitt!!!

She gave me an apron and matching oven mit along with a wonderful vegetarian cookbook.

This is what I'm planning on making on Saturday, will be nice to have these in the fridge and freezer for the easter break:
Thank you so much Tiger Filly and also to Cass for organising this swap!

Here's a couple of photos of what I sent to Ingrid. Firstly the apron, I was really happy with how this turned out - I couldn't work out the right sizing for the top, so I decided to turn it over into a casing and thread a tie through and turn it into a halter neck apron. Now to make one for myself!

Here's the oven mitts, I went a little wonky in some parts (so just don't look too closely at them please Ingrid lol) but hopefully they'll still be ok.

And lastly my two most used recipes. I hope you enjoy them too Ingrid!
Thanks everyone, these swaps are just such great fun!


Cass said...

Wow Natalie what great stuff and well done Tigerfilly.

ingrid said...

Thank you so much again Natalie. I LOVE everything. I must say your pic of the apron is great, and the neck casing style is fabulous. It is so comfy!
And what a nice haul from Tigerfilly. I love the red hearts.

Marie said...

Love the apron and the mitts you made - gorgeous work.

Andrea said...

Love what you made and love what you recieved. I like the idea of the halter too, and just love the fabric.

Helen said...

Love the print you used for Ingrids goodies, very fab! And lots of goodies from Togerfilly! Love the apron especially. :)

marianne said...

please may I have the recipe for the wonderful cake i saw over at Ingrid's house? And I love the apron...great idea!