Thursday, April 19, 2007

Forgotten Fabric, New Handbag and Jordan's Bunny.

First the Forgotten Fabric!
Here is the fabric I found in my large "to be washed" box! I completely forgot that I'd bought some of them, so it was like going shopping all over again :)

3 metres of nice aqua cord that will be pants for Jai and probably a nice lined jacket - Do you think it's too bright for Jordan? (you know how children do start to get too old for some bright colours?)

Cute car print knit for a long sleeve top for Jai:
Thomas Tank Panel that I am trying to decide whether to keep for his first quilt, or to cheat and go with my first easy idea of making a quilt cover?
2 metres of black embroidered faux velvet / suede fabric that was on the clearance table at SL. I want to make a nice heavy winter skirt for myself and use the left over for a bag.

Two half metre lengths of Amy Butler that was on sale at a local craft shop and another small remnant of AB too - hand bags of course ;)2 fat quarters and one half metre of Japanense style fabric, more handbags!
End of roll cotton fabric from SL, think there's around 3 - 4 metres each here, not sure exactly what to use most of it for, some will probably be used for lining for some of my bags, but think that the second print would look lovely as a skirt of a dress for a little girl?
This piece in the SL remnant bin - I think it's the same as a top Ingrid made awhile ago - I fell in love with the fabric and was so happy when I found it, now just have to work out what to do with it, think it's just under 1 metre.
Lastly, these two pieces, the first is 1 metre length that I bought when doing the valentines swap, I love the fabric so much that I had to get a piece for me too - think I'll make a dress for my friend's daughter. The other one is half metre I loved from my local sewing shop down the road - no idea what to do with it, but I just loved the colour combination (and I would never normally pick anything yellow!)

My latest bag!

Here's a photo of my newest handbag:

Similar style to this one:

Except that I added a gusset to make it roomer on the inside, added a key holder as well (I'm always loosing my keys in my bag!) and changed the handle strap too. I made a few mistakes, which was good in a way as I get to keep this one, but I love the style so will make up some more for my store soon.

Jordan's Bunny
Here's a photo of Jordan with his new bunny, complete with longer arms, legs and separate ears as per his request lol!

He wanted to dress up today, he is wearing the pirate costume I made him to wear to my 30th birthday last year!


ingrid said...

Don't you just love 'fabric stash shopping'! And yes, that is the same one I have used for a smock in the past. It is lovely isn't it? Lucky you finding it on the clearance table.
I love the AB prints and also the littke car print. Very cute.

Cass said...

Natalie, great fabric stash. Love the bag too and Jordan's bunny.

Helen said...

Yes! Thats the material Ingrid used to make Grace's top! Great finds Natalie! Like going to SL without going! LOL

Suz said...

Beautiful bag - quite tempted to abandon my plan to make one and just buy one of yours! And love rediscovering all the lovely fabrics.

Corrie said...

love that bag! good stash btw!

Karen TW said...

some gorgeous fabrics there!

with the aqua, i would 'grow it up' a bit by toning it with a beige i think.

Leah said...

You have some gorgeous fabric there Natalie!
And I love your bag, I was eyeing it off on Friday.
It was wonderful to meet you, hopefully it won't be the last time either!

Natalie said...

That's a great idea Brazen, I hadn't thought of that!

tigerfilly said...

It's all lovely but I especially love the car knit! Aqua with beige - that's a great idea Karen.

Andrea said...

WOW what great fabrics you have there! It all looks great.
I love the bag and Jordan looks just adorable all dressed up with his bunny.

Steffi said...

Nice fabrics!Your bag and your little bunny are really nice too.