Friday, June 15, 2007

A day with Thomas

I had a great day with Jai today. I bought a "round house" from Toys r us over a month ago and was looking for a time to give it to him. Well I picked today as he has been just a little darling. I told him that I had a present for him for being an extra special super dooper good boy and did he want it now. He says 'Oh yes please mummy". He was so cute opening it up, wide mouthed he quickly realised what it was. So we spent the whole morning building a big track set. Here's some photos:

We started off with the track first, then added the "construction site", then we built houses for the people out of mega blocks and then put the animals in the paddock. Lastly we decided that it was still missing something, so added the zoo too!

Now of course the fun part of building something:

Knocking it down lol.

Natalie xx


Kylie said...

Wow what a busy morning the two of you had, no wonder you lost track of time.

Cass said...

Natalie looks like a great time was had both of you

novy said...

I am sure Jai would have loved his pressie, seeing as he is a huge Thomas fan. I have a train table with some trains on them, but not as big as that. Sounds like both of you had fun with it.

Helen said...

What a cool looking train track!

Leah said...

What a great morning you guys had. Cammie insists Thomas is much more fun off the track - what's a girl to do? I am forever tripping on trains & carriages.... LOL