Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oganised.... Me????

Ok, so I am feeling like a bit of a fraud lately as some of the EB sewing girls seem to think that I'm quite an oragnised person. I think I'm a bit on an enigma, I love to be organised, I love to have a certain place for everything and some kind of schedule so I know what I'm doing, on what day and time, and then so I can actually get things done. The only problem with having certain places for things and making time for certain things is that I can't seem to fit it all in and certain things don't end up going back into certain places. Also even though I love to be nice and organised I can also quite happily work in complete chaos too. I can't believe I'm showing this photo, but here's the current state of my sewing room:

Now my dilemma, do I spend the afternoon while Jai is (hopefully) napping today cleaning it back up to the clean organised state it was a few weeks ago? or do I spend the time tracing and cutting out some pants for my boys which 1) they really could do with and 2) I need to use the heavy weight cord I bought for said pants before the weather warms up again and 3) because even tracing and cutting out is more fun then cleaning and tidying!!! But then again if my room was clean and tidy again, then I wouldn't be wasting precious sewing time clearing a space for pattern pieces, searching for matching thread, zips, buttons, elastic etc (I know it's there somewhere lol!) Also in amongst all the craziness is an almost finished bag (just needs to have lining and outer sewn together and it's finished!), school pants for Jordan that are all cut, pocketed and just need to be sewn together and also a dress for my niece that I started last year!!!

Ok, now that I've put up that embarrassing photo, here's a nice one to prove there is still organisation amongst the chaos, a photo of my pattern drawers, one of the boys and one of mine, all nice and neat.

And finally a photo of the bag I made for one of my lovely friends Mandy whose birthday it was yesterday: (sorry for the quality of the photo, I took it very rushed as I was running late)

We had a lovely lunch - there is a plant nursery nearby that has a cute little cafe with lovely little gifts around to buy as well. We had a "high tea" which came out of a two tier cupcake style stand, with the mini savoury sandwiches, croissants and scones on the bottom and lovely mini decadent browines, chocolate, meraignes and biscuits on the top. It felt very special!

Natalie xx


Kylie said...

Oh - My organised chaos looks worse than that - you have nothing to worry about Natalie - and the bag looks great as well!

Marie said...

Mmm, I agree with Kylie. I don't know if my room is as clean as that when it is clean. Always bits and pieces hanging around. I vote that you trace and cut.

Cass said...

Natalie the bag looks lovely and so does your sewing/jewellery space.

fallen~from~grace said...

You just messed that up to prove us wrong! LOL Kidding. I have to agree that your "messy" room still looks neater than my "tidy"sewing room atm.
The bag looks great, I love the fabric you've used.

Austy's Mum said...

It still looks pretty organised to me (except for the desk, but that means you've been sewing, right?) I want shelves like yours! Oh, and those pretty fabric covered boxes up there!!! My ordre is going in with DH as soon as we find the new house - he did promise me a built in unit with a fold out sewing desk, but we'll see... I'd be happy with just shelves like yours if that's all he could manage to build.