Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Super Troopers

That's what my boys are, a pair of super troopers!: Jai being so brave with his arm all plastered up, not being wingey at all, just happily adapting to being left handed for a little while.

sitting on Jordan's bed showing off his cast (yes, Jordan's wall really are THAT bright lol!)

Jordan had just finished doing a magic show, Jai was quick to jump up and copy, fractured arm and all!

Jordan has been such a lovely understanding boy and not complained once about having his new bed packed up and is happy to sleep with just his mattress on the floor until his new bed set is all stained up.

To my two beautiful boys, thank for so much for helping to make a difficult time much easier

Natalie xx


ingrid said...

Oh Natalie. they really are both adorable, broken bones and all. I am glad Jordon is coping well with the new sleeping arrangements. he sounds like a wonderful big brother.

Cass said...

Natalie lovely photos and what a fantastic big brother Jordon is.

Cathy said...

natalie, so glad the boys are doing well...they are little troopers! and i love the wall colour - one of the nursery walls for my youngest son is painted the same colour and when i moved my eldest son into another bedroom, i painted one of his walls a bright orange :)
p.s. did you see your feature?

Helen said...

Natalie, that wall colour is fantastic! Love it! Glad to read that Jai is being so brave about his arm. :)

Kylie said...

Oh how funky are those walls ( I think I would have a headache if I had to sleep in there though!) And what little troopers beign so good about everythign.

Love the drawing on Jai's arm as well

fallen~from~grace said...

Your boys are just gorgeous Natalie, and how lovely is it of Jordan to not mind having to take down his bed for awhile for his little brother.
Good to see Jai isn't letting his arm get in the way of having a good time. I love that bright green paint, I am thinking about painting My boys room in a shade like that.