Monday, September 24, 2007

I got my bag swap!

I was so excited when I checked my mail today to find my bag swap parcel in there! Thank you so much Leah!!!! I absolutely love it, it is just the cutest, most adorable bag ever. I actually have a deep maroon / red paisley style printed purse which matches the inside fabric really well. I was just saying to Steve the other day that I needed to make myself another one as my current pink one really clashed with the red top I wore the other day, now I this one to wear instead!



Leah also made me the cutest zippered pouch:

and even sent me these gorgeous fabrics that I can't wait to use too.

so I got thoroughly spoiled (which feels totally wonderful!) Thank you for making my day Leah.



Belinda said...

What a gorgeous bag Natalie - you are very lucky!! Great job Leah! Love the design.

Helen said...

What a professional looking bag! Great job Leah!

lolliegirl said...

Great bag! Well done Leah. Love the look of the other fabrics too!

Cass said...

What a lovely bag, well done Leah