Sunday, February 10, 2008

New hobby - Knitting

Ok, well perhaps more of a new obsession lol. I've just gotten addicted to knitting! I first learned a few years ago and proudly made myself a couple of scarfs and then dived in and made Jordan a roll neck jumper, just an easy stocking stitch one - think it was in about a size 4. It took me forever, but after I finished I was so happy with myself for perservering with it (and not putting it in a WIP bag!) He absolutely adored it too and would ask to wear it almost every opportunity he could.

Not sure why, but I kind of stopped knitting after that, I guess I started making jewellery and then soon after go into sewing. But after a trip to a new lincraft that had recently opened near me, I found myself in the wool section, looking through this pattern book and picking out projects and wool to go with them:
Here's the first thing I made from it, a pair of little pink booties for the baby:

Then I made the adorable little kimono style cardigan featured on the front cover for the baby too
The wool is just so soft, I can't wait to see what it looks like on her!

I've just finished the hat from this patttern and wool (will get a photo of the finished result later)

and have just started knitting this cardigan as well, except instead of a solid colour I'm using a verrigated wool in various pinks and purple colours.
I'm am officially hooked now! I think the main thing I like about knitting is it is something I can easily do around the boys, and virtually anywhere. The kimono cardigan was mostly knitted on the drive back from Melbourne. Also I find it hard to sew at night some times, the light isn't the best in my study (silly down lights!) and I usually make stupid mistakes due to tiredness (like sewing a right and a wrong side together.

I'm looking forward to becoming more adventurous and learning some other stitches besides garter and stocking stitch, so will be looking out for a nice new pattern book - I have seen some lovely Debbie Bliss ones recently, but feel free to offer any other suggestions to please!



Cass said...

That kimino is beautiful everything is so cute

Karen said...

Natalie I second Cass's comment - I love the kimono, and the other cardigan is gorgeous too. I envy you clever ladies that can knit.

AJ said...

Wow have been busy...I'm loving all the pink-ness of it all!! :)

Kylie said...

Batalie - go and have a look at your library before you go and buy anything - I have a few here that I love - will find there names for you.

Would I be able to get a copy of that little hat??? I would love to make one for Baden and have pleanty of wool like that in my stash. I also have some pretty little girls vintage jumpers and the like that are a little more challenging (lace work etc) I can get some of those copied and off to you if you would like!

Kylie said...

oops - sorry for the spelling mistake in your name - it will only let me delete it!

Natalie said...

lol Kylie!!! Better not let Steve read your typo, that name might stick!!!

Will copy the boyish patterns from that book and send them to you.

Heids said...

I love the pinkiness also and the booties and kimino are gorgeous. And I am so glad you are blogging again - I missed seeing your creations.