Wednesday, March 05, 2008

WIP Wednesday

I've been meaning to do WIP Wednesday for ages now, but I ususally only remember when it's Thursday, so wait another week lol!

Two main WIP for me at the moment are the baby and our renovations. I'll start with the WIP baby progress!

All going great with this pregnancy, although little miss has decided to take her time to settle head down, so I have been doing lots of different exercises to encourage her to turn and also have an appointment with my chiro on Friday to do the Webster Technique which is supposed to have around an 80% success rate in getting babies to turn the right way. This week I've been busy doing all the clothes washing:
And still have this lot to do:
I had my baby shower on Sunday, thrown by one of my best friends Jenni (who was also the best woman at our wedding).
She went all out with the decorations, there was pink balloons, streamers, baby confettii and she even made this gorgeous baby cradle cake:

I too went crazy and got all excited about having an excuse to make PINK cupcakes!
I had such fun making up the baby shower invitations,
and made up matching thank you gift boxes, that had scented sachets, a small candle and candle holder that I decorated with ribbon trims and ribbon roses and also some handmade chocolates.
My friend Jess was also my photographer for the day and I love this photo she snapped of me checking the fit of one of the little outifts!

Jess also made this amazing nappy cake! It was so pretty I didn't want to unwrap it.
But I did and amongst the cute photo frame, keepsakes, booties and elephant teddy and under the lovely blankets I found these lovely terry towellig flat nappies that she'd dyed pink and purple:
to go along with the rest of my MCN stash:
(top row: Baby beehinds magicalls size small, baby beehinds bamboo fitteds, bubblebubs size newborn and small, yellow swaddlebees, pink bumgenious, hot pink itti bitti delish and bamboo baby greens, printed cushie tushies and red pea pod. Bottom row: baby beehinds pul covers in small and medium size, baby beehinds magicalls in medium size, orange tots bots pul cover and gorgeous bubblebubs wetbag)

Now for our WIP renovations!

The builders are on schedule and so far we have the floor, internal walls, windows and today we are getting the internal doors fitted. All that's left is a bit of plastering, cornercies, skirtings and the floor to be sanded and polished. Then we can do the painting and move Jordan into his new room. For the moment we have put his bed into Jai's room so we can start re-paining his old room ready for the baby. My dad has been helping and has done all the undercoating so we are ready to paint the colours this weekend!

Here's some progress shots:
new sliding door replaced the window that was in the dining room

Back view, Jordan's room - window getting put in

View from Jordan's new room into the backyard

inside Jordan's room, space ready for the built in wardrobe

cutting the doorway through to the lounge room

view from the lounge room, door way cut through

Front window put in - this room will be the new home office for Steve

So it is all so close to being finished and I can't wait, as you can imagine it is total chaos inside the rest of my house!

Sewing wise, I'm also in the middle of making up some baby wipes, sewing the ribbons onto the new bassinette liner and hoping to get some time in the next day or so to trace off the pattern pieces for the nappy bag I want to make. So looks like it's going to be another busy few days ahead!



Anonymous said...

Natalie! Its Helen, I'm at Cass's on her lap top, can't be stuffed to log into blogger, but I couldn't wait till I got home to comment on this post! Wow!! You look fantastic! Very happy and glowing, the shower looks like a lot of fun, you are blessed to have such lovely friends. And look at all that pink washing! The start of lots more to come!! :)

Cass said...

Natalie, I agree with Helen you looks wonderful and I love all the pink things hanging on the line. The renos look like they are moving ahead too. Not long now.

Little Munchkins said...

Look at all the washing hanging on the line. Your little girl would have plenty to wear. Lots of pink too.

I too agree you look great. Looks like it was a really great shower too.

ingrid said...

Wowsers! That sure is a lot of pink! It looks like you had a fabulous time at the shower and were very spilt. Lucky you!

You are one gorgeous and glowing mummy!

Kylie said...

Oh Natalie - It looks like you had a great time at the baby shower! Love the nappy stack. And look at all of that washing - pink overload in your house - you must be in your glory!