Thursday, May 22, 2008

Missing my skirts.........

I am a BIG skirt girl - Hmmmm let me rephrase that, I mean I really love skirts and wear them whenever I can - which hasn't been much lately as mine don't fit me anymore (so I guess now I really am a BIG skirt girl lol!). I'm being very impatient, and have already tried on the bigger ones that I have here from my pre-pregnancy days, but of course 6 weeks after a baby I shouldn't expect to be able to fit into my cute size 8 - 10 side zippered skirts (Sad that I even tried!) So I was searching online for some easy patterns, was thinking of making a wrap skirt, but ended up finding a tutorial for a circle skirt. This tute was so easy, I had my fabric cut out in about 15 minutes and all up the sewing would've only taken about a 1/2 hour (although mine took several hours as I had a certain little miss to feed / change / feed and settle in between!) With the soft band (I used rib for this one) they are nice and comfortable and practical for (hopefully) soon to be shrinking waistlines!

Here's my first one,
Please excuse the dodgy photo, Steve snapped it quickly at the park on Mother's Day.

I have checked my stash and have about 3 different fabrics marked for some more too! Hope to whip up 1 or 2 over the next day or so.



Cass said...

Great skirt Natalie, might have to give it a try

Leah said...

That you even look that good so soon after a baby is making me green with envy! Love the skirt Natalie. And Happy Birthday too x