Saturday, June 20, 2009

Better late than never........

I'm very late with this post, my oldest son Jordan turned 9 on May 27! He had a wonderful day with opening presents in the morning, a good day at school and then dinner with all our family at his favourite restaurant, Red Rock Noodle bar - he does like noodles, but he's more a fan of the indoor playground and video games they have there lol! Jai wanted to make something to give to him as his present and we decided to make him a teddy. He went through my teddy patterns and picked out the shape he wanted and then the fur he liked best from my stash. He was a great helper in helping me trace the pattern onto the fabric, passed me the pins, and sat beside me patiently while I sewed it up. He then carefully started to push the stuffing in (he got a bit bored with this so said that I could finish it off for him!)
He then helped me picked another pattern and some different fabric to make one that Cheriese could give to Jordan.
Jordan just adores these - he even said they were better than ones from the shop as they were made just for him awwww

These were just simple teddy shapes that I found searching google images, and then just cut two and sewed them right side together leaving a gap for turning them the right way. I still have to make another one for Jai as he wanted to keep the one we'd made for Jordan, but I promised to make him one of his own. We went off to Spotlight for some more fur and I told him he could pick whichever one he wanted. Typically he picked one of the more dearer ones at $40 per metre. Luckily I only needed about 4ocms. So stay tuned for a blog post about a fluffy rainbow teddy soon ;)

Jordan asked for a Star Wars cake for his party. I used a Christmas bell shaped cookie cutter for Darth Vader's head, and used it as my chocolate mold. The star wars sign is also chocolate, and then I used icing to decorate them. The cake is chocolate, filled with chocolate cream and covered in chocolate ganache (Jordan is as much as a chocoholic as I am!).

Speaking of birthdays, it was one of my friend's daughters birthday a couple of weeks ago. She was turning 2 and I had no idea what to buy for her, seeing as she has 2 older siblings already I figured she'd have enough generic toys to play with. I decided to make her a cloth doll, and used the One Red Robin pattern "Happy Chibi Girl" I had ordered from Crafty Mamas a month or so ago. Here's my version:

and I popped some hairclips in for her as well:

Cheriese grabbed her while I was stuffing her and didn't not want to let her go! She just kept hugging her and kissing her, I just had to take some photos. So I think there'll be another Happy Chibi Doll to make soon ;)



Little Munchkins said...

Fabulous photos Natalie! Those softies you made are adorable:)

Leah said...

Aw - you do have the most beautiful children! And lil' Cheriese's teethy-pegs! So cute.
I love the teddy idea & your doll is so pretty - I might have to re-try softie making! x

Cass said...

Those bears are great and it's wonderful to see that Jordan appreciates something handmade.