Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dress-up sewing

I really need to be making more clothes for my 3, they are all growing so fast, but we have had a couple of dress up events to go too, so costumes have become more of a priority!

First up we had a movie themed quiz night for Jordan's school. We chose the movie "Star Wars" for our table and seeing as Jordan already had his Commander Cody costume, I just needed to whip up something for Jai, Cheriese, my nephew Cooper and myself. Jai has part of a Darth Vader costume - well really only the cape left, so he wore that with some black pants and a black top and I only had to print him out a mask and the voice changer thing and he was done! Cooper wanted to go as Yoda, so off to Spotlight I went and came back with a metre or so of brown polar fleece and made him up a robe and then I got out my face pants to complete the look. There was was enough fleece left over to make a robe for Cheriese - we couldn't all agree if she was a young jedi Padawan or one of the jawas! I decided to go as Princess Leia, so just made a simple tunic out of a white panne velvet in my stash and put my hair up in the side buns. Here's some quick photos:

Jordan and Cooper

Jai, Cheriese and me

Jai's teddy got to come along too. He was still in his ewok costume from the Star Wars day at the library last holidays!
It was book week at Jordan's school a couple of weeks ago and this year's theme was "Safari". Jordan wanted to go as a lion, so once again off to Spotlight I went and decided that the double bonded polar fleece was the best option, with one side being a tan colour and the other a dark brown. I found a Spotlight "Get Creative" brand tracksuit pattern that goes from a size 3- 12 in my stash that I forgot I even had and used it for the lion costume. I added strips of the two tone fleece around the hood for the mane and sewed a tail onto the pants. Jordan loved it, but as it was so thick and warm he could only keep it on until the end of the parade - it was one of our few warm days and he was getting too hot! I'm sure it'll be worn again though as all of my three littlies love playing dress up. Jai didn't quite understand why Jordan got to dress up and he didn't, I pointed out that it was a special thing that Jordan got to do at school and that he would be able to join in next year, but he got a bit sad about that so I said that I could make him a quick dress up to wear while he watched the parade as well. So another trip to Spotlight where I scoured for 'cheetah' fabric as that was what Jai wanted to go as. I ended finding only one piece of cheetah printed felt left, so I grabbed it. By the time I finished Jordan's costume, it was after midnight, so I decided to make a quick and easy cheetah tail and then a simple polar fleece hood with some cheetah ears sewn on. In the morning I quickly cut up the remaining scraps of the felt, grabbed one of the tunic tops I'd made for the church play and asked Steve to hot glue gun the scraps to it while I was getting everyone ready in the morning. Phew! was a busy night/morning, but they both had a great time at the parade!. Here's the photos.

say "Roar"!!

Lions can play piano too!

Cheetah's like to climb

and pose too!

Cheriese loved seeing all the costumes and was clapping and saying "yay" as each class got up on stage.

Hmmm, wonder what the theme will be for next year? Hopefully I can find it out earlier and get a head start next year lol.



Andrea said...

What an amazing job you did Natalie, all the costumes look terrific. I won't be showing my monkey costume that's for sure!

Little Munchkins said...

Great costumes, you did a fantastic job.

P/S : You look awesome as Princess Leia ;p