Sunday, May 09, 2010

Holiday wrap up

I am finally back from my holidays - ok, I have been back since the 23rd April, but I really needed some time to myself with my family to settle back into everyday life and just now I feel completely relaxed, settled, and energised to jump back into every aspect of my life - which includes blogging!

I had a fantastic time away! My brother Shaun and I went to Thailand, we spent 8 nights in Phuket at Patong beach and then 2 nights in Singapore before coming back home. I have always wanted to travel, but since having the children I thought it was something I had missed out on doing on my own. I'm so glad I had this chance though and as hard as it was initially to get on that plane and hug my darlings goodbye - it really was the best thing for all of us. I got to relax, recharge and have some wonderful adventures. Steve had a fantastic time with Jordan, Jai and Cheriese too, he works long hours and having the time off work to be a full time daddy was a very special time for him and the children as well. Coming home was great too, being greeted by eager smiling faces and getting wrapped up in great big hugs - followed by lots of cuddles on the couch, catching up on each others adventures.

Here's some of my favourite photos.

These were taken on our Phi Phi island tour:

My favourite spot on the tour, we stopped off at this beautiful cove on the way to our last beach and jumped in for a swim - I was even brave enough to dive in off the front of our speedboat. The water was so warm and clear, it was just perfect.

Snorkelling in open water, couldn't believe how many fish there were. This was my first time snorkelling and I just loved it!

Wat Chalong temple

Gorgeous sunsets every night - photo taken from the rooftop cocktail bar of our hotel

We took a day tour of Phuket, this is from one of the view points where you can see Kata, Karon and then Patong Beach in the

On the same day tour we stopped off to feed elephants on the side of the road.

My brother and I at the Thai new year dinner - our hotel put on this massive banquet with singers, dancers and even a fire twirler! Was a great night.

I still have more photos to go through on my laptop and camera, so there will probably be a part 2 to this post!


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Karen said...

Ahhh that water - divine!
Glad you had such a great trip Natalie, and that Steve had time to spend being dad fulltime is great.