Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kids Clothes Week - Day 3

After braving Spotlight with 5 children (my three, plus my niece and nephew) I was able to get the much needed elastic required to finish off Cheriese's skirt that I had been sewing yesterday afternoon.
It is from Ottobre 4/2007, design #4. I made a size 86cm which I think is a great fit for now and also has enough length to last the year too.

Cheriese loves it and was happy to show off her new outfit's versatility.

It's great for pondering what she wants to play on in our backyard that closely resembles the local park
It's great for jumping on the trampoline
Even great for dinosaur loaded sandpits
Also great for playing with the sand
and most of all, perfect for blowing kisses in.
Seeing something you have made being enjoyed in this way is just one of the best feelings!
Now to work out what to make for my boys, so far I've spent my hour today taking both Jordan and Jai's new measurements (they both really have grown!) and flipping through my Ottobre magazines trying to decide what top to pick for them first. Planning on doing some tracing and cutting out tonight, so fingers crossed I have some progress photos tomorrow.



AJ said...

That skirt is cute Natalie and so is your model!!

And good on you for braving SL with 5 in tow!!

Austy's Mum said...

Very cute - you have great taste - I was just about to cut the same skirt out for Madelyn... yes... in the same size too! My little girl is alreay 87cm and 12.7kgs! Cherise is soooo pretty, just look at that gorgeous hair. What a beautiful model she makes!

ingrid said...

Oh wow! this is beautiful Natalie! I adore the style and the fabrics you have chosen are gorgeous.

And I can't believe how big Miss C is now. What a sweet young lady she has turned out to be.

Emma said...

Well done! That skirt is very cute - and so is the model!

Little Munchkins said...

That skirt looks gorgeous with the top! I had my eye on that skirt pattern for a while already but never made it up. I think I might have to make one soon!

Beetlehouse Designs said...

I love this skirt Natalie. It's gorgeous. I love the fabrics too. Very sweet and girly. I would love to make one.

Karen said...

What a gorgeous skirt and Cherise is a dollbaby! Can't believe you braved Spotlight with 5 children...that's an awesome effort.

Belinda said...

Natalie, that skirt is gorgeous!!!