Sunday, August 20, 2006

Recent things

Here is a tracksuit jacket I made for Jai. I am so happy at how it turned out - it looks just like a bought one! I went and did a two day sewing class, so I got lots of help along the way and was able to use their overlocker. I just love how neat it is inside - so now I'm shopping for an overlocker for myself!

Here's the jacket:

Now I have to make one for Jordan, although he wants "bright blue" stripes instead of the white ones!

On Friday I finished off a sleeping bag for Jai.

He is growing out of his current size 2 ones, but still needs to wear one as he won't stay under his blankets. He's such a wriggle pot! I bought the material as a remnant from SL awhile ago - before I knew anything about "grain lines" or "selvages" lol! So I had to fold it differently to how I initially thought so didn't get quite the length I thought I would, so unfortuneately it's not much longer than his current ones. Oh well, at least I made a pattern so I just need to make the next one longer (and buy a longer length of fabric!)



Marie said...

Tracksuit looks awesome.

brazen's crafts said...

the jacket is fabulous! could you just add a recotangle of contrasting fleece to the bottom of the sleeping bag for more length?

Natalie said...

I didn't even think of doing that!!! Thanks for the great idea - hmmmm, maybe SL still have some of the same fabric left even ;)