Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More Fabric!

Oh ooh! Went to SL yesterday to have a look at the patterns on sale - finally ended up finding a pj pattern for the boys and the bonus is that it is sized 3 - 8!! So will be able to do both of them for a little while now! So of course while I was there I had to get some fabric for their new pjs!!!
Bought the flannel for the bottoms and some plain knit to make a long top.

Then found this going out cheap, I will make it into a bag.

And then this lovely find in the remnant basket! Hmmm, maybe another bag too?

I ended up having to go back there again today as the elastic I already had was too wide and also needed to get some extra thread - I stayed up sewing Jordan's pj bottoms until 1am last nights, couldn't believe that I used up almost 100m of thread!!! That's a lot of zig zagging ; )
So while I was there I found some other flannel that was only $2 a metre, so got 2 metres of that for 2 more bottoms and some more matching knit (it's on sale too atm!! lol)

So now I have to be restrained and avoid SL for at least 2 weeks or it will be beans on toast every night (and an unhappy Steve as well!)

Some other exciting news is that I've chosen the overlocker I'm getting. It's a Janome 644D, currently on sale, so I've put one on layby and will be able to pick it up when my tax cheque comes in - so hurry up ATO!!!!!

Natalie xx


lolliegirl said...

Natalie, Great fabric there! I love the flower prints.. especially the pink and brown one..

ingrid said...

That robot print is great. I find it really hard to get nice prints for boys, or maybe I am just too easily distracted by all the girly things. Anyhoo, I am sure you will turn out some fantastic pjs with it.

brazen's crafts said...

great pj fabrics!