Thursday, September 07, 2006

A dress for me.

So far I've only made myself one thing, this dress: (please excuse photos as it was really hard to get a good one, looks better IRL)

Here's a closeup of the fabric and the side gathering detail.

I saw a similar dress in a shop awhile ago, but it was made from pretty poor fabric, I actually think it was see-through! So during a SL sale I found a pattern that was similar and lucky me found this nice bright retro fabric on the clearance table too! So I figured if I completely stuffed it up, I wouldn't have wasted too much money. LOTS of seam unpicking here and I'll never be able to show anyone the inside as it's so messy and ugly! But the main thing is that it sits well on and people have said that they love it. In fact I'm going to be nice and confident to say that I also love it now too and don't care about all the little places where I went wrong.

I have bought some more fabric in neutral tones and want to make the same style but in a short sleeve for summer. Fingers crossed that one comes together right first time!

Hmmm, now to find some time to make that skirt I bought a pattern for... oh and that other dress.... and those pants.... ; )



Andrea said...

Natalie, that dress looks fantastic. Don't worry about the inside, no one ever looks there!

Cass said...

My god Natalie that looks like you bought it in a shop. Its absolutely fantastic

ingrid said...

Wow, Natalie!! This is fabulous and I just love the fabric too. You won't need to buy clothes at all anymore, now you can just whip up a gorgeous outfit whenever you need one!