Friday, March 23, 2007


Jordan's teacher was given some upholstery fabric and wadding from one of the parents to be made into cushions for the class. I was one of the parents who offered to help sew them up - all up I made 12 of them, here is Jai with the last 6 I finished yesterday:
I love this "pose" shot!

I have some of the wadding left over so think I'll make up a Thomas Tank one for Jai and will have to ask Jordan what kind he would like. He's into Transformers at the moment, so looks like I'll HAVE to go to SL again (how terrible lol!!!)


Leah said...

Nice cushions! I have to make a lot up for my couch. They just get food spilt all over them though! LOL

Cass said...

Natalie, love the cushions

ingrid said...

he looks so comfy! Great work on the cushions.

Helen said...

Natalie these look great! I haven't been roped into any sewing for kindy yet! Yet! LOL