Friday, March 16, 2007

EB Kitchen Swap

1. What colours are your kitchen?
We have a smallish galley style kitchen. The bench, tiles and doors are all a neutral pale cream colour, with stainless steel handles and all stainless steel appliances - so I guess kind of a clean modern design. I usually go for brighter bold colours in tea towels etc, and usually ones in my fav purple and hot pink colours (steve doesn't seem to mind lol)

2. What is your favourite appliance?
Umm, we have too many - big gadget people here. I finally bought one of those Sunbeam juice fountains, used it all the time until Steve put it away in the cupboard, now I forget to use it! Also bought one of those magic bullet blender kits, they are fantastic for chopping and whizzing up everything! Love my rice cooker, bread maker, stab blender, oh and I guess I couldn't live without my oven either lol! Oh yeah and definitely my dishwasher, the last thing I bought before I stopped work before Jai was born!!!

3. What do you love cooking most?
Although I don't do it as much anymore, I really love baking - the smell, getting the kids involved, tasting as you go - so love making muffins, cookies etc. I really love making the boys their birthday cakes each year, I try to go all out when I decorate them. I also love making lots of winter comfort foods- soups, curries, lentil casseroles etc

4. What item would you love the most from your swap partner?
I actually don't have any aprons! Steve has a daggy bbq one somewhere, but I'm always messing up my clothes when I cook, so really should have one. Um, don't really have many pot holders either, or coasters, only have cheap plasticy placemats, so I guess anything that my swap partner wants to make I'll love and need lol!


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