Wednesday, May 09, 2007

From This To This.......

Here's my old sewing machine:

this is it's big sister I picked up this afternoon!

I've only had a small play on it, wound a bobbin, threaded it and tried out a few of the decorative stitches. Hoping I get the time to give it a good try out tomorrow! Looking forward to when I book in for my free lessons, there's quite a few differences between this one and my old one ;)


Cass said...

Every post I read I am getting more jealous. I love the decorative stitches you can do.

Corrie said...

wow love the machine and looove the room! you have inspired me to have a bit of a clean and get organised..more plastic boxes and organisers for my room I think!

Helen said...

Ohhhhh, look at that shinny new machine!!!! Very nice Natalie!

Kylie said...

Very Nice Nat and wow what a room!