Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I think I know have a studio!

Well my DH has really been in a generous mood lately as he bought me some shelving on Sunday and even put it up after dinner that night! So I've had a busy couple of days trying to get it all nice and organised. Still not completely finished, but looking good enough to show off.

Here's the view from the door:

close up of the shelves (wow, look at all my jewellery supplies!!):

Where I can put all my end of roll bargains, interfacing, easy trace etc:

Computer desk with added shelves too:

I love the black and white storage boxes, I bought them from Freedom Furniture, but as they were on clearance these were the only ones they had left, which I'm a bit bummed about as I'd really love another few. I've decided to use these for fabric for my bags, so have divided them up with scraps in one, metre lengths in another, 1/2 metre lengths in another one and fat quarters in the last one. I even found a tutorial on how to fold them pocket style like I've seen in some of the craft shops:

I can't believe how much stuff I found that I had forgotten about! I still have quite a lot left to put away: So much more fabric that I've found. My beads used to be in the white drawer tower, but am now going to use that to store my patterns in. So another few days left to get it all finished, but so far so good. The only other thing I would really like to change is my desk / trestle table. Trying to decide whether to paint them white, or try to find a second hand one in an op shop that I can use (or perhaps get Steve to custom make me one even :D) the brown is now looking just a bit too daggy lol! (Fussy, me? never lol)



Kim said...

OOhh. Very pretty! I love all your storage containers on the shelves. Looks much better than my giant tubs shoved in a cupboard.

Cass said...

Natalie I am so jealous it looks fantastic and so neat and tidy.

Andrea said...

You can difinitely call that a studio Natalie, it looks fantastic! I folded all of my fat 1/4s for E's quilt nicely too, I like admiring them!

ingrid said...

Oh my Lordy Natalie! I cannot express how jealous I am of this space!!! You are so lucky and everything looks so neat and lovely. I bet you love just sitting in there even if you aren't doing anything.

lolliegirl said...

I'm jealous! It looks fantastic Natalie :)

Helen said...

Oh Natalie, I want to come sew at your place! What a beautiful space to work in. Very envious!

tigerfilly said...

Oh my! How I wish I had a studio too!!