Saturday, May 12, 2007

A new bag design

Well I guess not entirely new, but some new added features to my first classic shape! I'm so happy with how this one has turned out, it looks just that bit more professional than my other so far.

I added the D rings on the shoulder strap, and also attached the strap with black snaps, so that the handle could be changed (eg I could offer this bag with an additional longer strap). I also added a key chain on the inside which is great to keep your car keys from getting lost in the corner of the bag! I think the main difference is the new interfacing I bought - this one is called "Stiff as a board". It really does make the fabric very rigid. It is a little hard to sew around when assembling, but think I might have to have a play around to see if I can make it so that it is a little easier, but overall I love it! I would love to keep this one for myself, but think I'd better but it up on my site first (guess I can't keep them all hey!)

Here's a before shot with the bags all ready to cut out and readyy to go. I hope to get the brown Japanese print on the left finished early next week!
I love these kind of before shots - amazing to think that the finished bag above was just cut up pieces of fabric a few hours earlier!

Thanks for looking!
Natalie xx


Cass said...

Natalie lovely bag and I really need to get some of that "stiff as a board". Is it a local thing?

Leah said...

That is gorgeous! I am so wanting to make a bag, I need a pattern to start with though... I'm not that crafty!

Andrea said...

That looks great Natalie. I would also love some stiff as a board - in all of my bag making experience (ONE!) I think I would prefer something more heavy weight.