Thursday, May 24, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Oopps, I've been a bit behind in blogland lately as I've just seen that I have been tagged by Ingrid and Corrie,

• Start with 7 random facts/habits about yourself
• People who are tagged have to write their 7 things on their blog
• Then choose another 7 people to get tagged and list their names

  1. As I turned 31 this year the thing that made me happy about it was that I've now been a vegetarian longer than I was a meat eater!!!
  2. I never thought I'd love being a SAHM, I always thought of myself as a career girl. Now I couldn't bear the thought of going to work everyday and leaving my boys. I do miss my cute suits, girly lunches and gossip though!
  3. I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 2. It was a muscle cancer in my left thigh and I had to have 9 different operations and chemo to get rid of it. I lost all my blonde curls and after the chemo my hair grew back as a very dark brunette.
  4. Due to the chemo I was told that I probably wouldn't be able to conceive children naturally. My sister had always offered to be a surrogate for me if needed, so you can imagine our surprise and elation when I found out I was pregnant with Jordan!
  5. For Steve and me it really was love at first sight. I think we saw each other every day for the first two weeks of meeting - moved in after 6 months and had Jordan 1 year later!
  6. I am very fussy with the things I make, everything has to be perfect or I get very angry at myself.
  7. I love having a clean and tidy house but absolutely detest housework. I don't think I'm very good at it, it will take me an entire afternoon to clean the bathroom - when I do clean up I have to make sure it is spotless, which is why it takes me so long and also why I can only seem to have two rooms done at any one time. The only time the whole house gets done is when we have a free weekend and I get Steve to help me
Now I don't think there's many left to tag, but will pick AJ, Angel, Bec, Leah, Marie, and Shibley
as I couldn't see their tag answers up yet ;)



Belinda said...

A question for the you use recipes to cook lovely vege meals? Or would you just steam/cook up a few veges for dinner.
I would love some direction on vege recipes.

Natalie said...

I still use a few of my cookbooks - but then I have my fav dishes too, and sometimes find I just cycle through them until I get rolled eyes and that, "Not this again" comment lol! I normally pick my protein first, so either a form of lentil, tofu, etc, then pick the carb - so then there's a choice of pasta, rice, noodles, breads etc, then add the vegies! I cook all kinds of Italian, Indian, Asian, and then when I'm slack it's steamed vegies with lentil burgers or even vegie burgers with chips ;) Tonight we had lentil, and vegetable casserole with steamed jasmine rice Ymmmmmm!!!