Saturday, June 02, 2007

New Bags and Jewellery

I've had such a busy week getting ready for a fashion parade and expo that was held at Trinity College on Friday night. I didn't get as many things finished as I'd liked, but am still happy with the things that I did get done.

First the bags:

All of these can be found at my WAHMania site!

And some new pretty hair slides:
Which can also be found at my WAHMania site!

I sold the the following ones, but if you like I can make them up for you:

I think I will take a day off today from sewing and jewelling - but be back into it again tomorrow - still have a lovely silk evening bag that is almost finished and some orders for some hair slides in other colours!

Thanks for looking!


Cass said...

Natalie those bags are great I especially love the purple one and the hair slides are very funky

Austy's Mum said...

Oh it's all GORGEOUS Natalie! Love the sparkly combs!

Helen said...

Natalie, those bags are stunning!

Kim said...

WoW! those bags look so professional. I love the butterfly comb.