Friday, June 08, 2007

New PJs!

Well I FINALLY got the time to sit down and finish these pjs for my boys. I had made Jordan's pants and had Jai's cut out from about 3 weeks ago. Then I was on the search for just a nice round neck top pattern as the simplicity pattern I used for the pants has a V neck for their top. I used it last time but found it very fiddly (couldn't really work out their instructions) and also found the the V neck sat a bit too low and could be a bit too cold for this weather. So finally found a McCalls pattern (another one with the boys and mens size in one) and ended up tracing and cutting out Wednesday and sewing them up yesterday. I actually finished Jai's pants off while Steve gave them a bath as I was determined that they both have them to wear last night. Here's some photos.

Say "Cheese"

Jordan being crazy lol!
I'm really happy with ho they turned out - the pants are the easiest one's ever, love that pattern! The tops were really easy too - This was the first time I've used rib and it was much easier than I thought. It was also the first time I'd used the twin needle on my new machine, it was so much easier to set up than my last one - this one has a "twin needle" button you press and it automatically adjusts the tension etc so I got it right first time - Yay! Jai's top is still a little bit big, my fault as I thought it looked a bit small after I traced off the pattern so added a bit more length to it - at least it'll keep him nice and warm!

Now I think I'd better get started one another pair or two ;)

PS Can anyone spot what I did wrong?

Hint: Look carefully at Jai's pants lol.


Helen said...

Jai's pants print is upside down! But I only would have spottred that if you didn't drop the hint, otherwise they look fantastic! And when Jai looks at them when he's wearing them, they'll be the right way up for him, KWIM?! :)

Kylie said...

I agree with Helen - specially made for an action loving boy!

Cass said...

Natalie, great pj's the boys look very happy with them.

Corrie said...

oh love the crazy photo! too funny and what cute matching pj's

novy said...

Aww, I love matchy matchy photos. I probably wouldn't have noticed the print was upside down without the hint too. Love those cheesy grins :)

tigerfilly said...

Oh my goodness they are sooo cute!

Austy's Mum said...

Cute boys! The new jammies look fantastic (love seeing matching things on kids).