Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Yay, I got my dress up swap items yesterday from Marie! As soon as I had shown Jordan the parcel he had put on the chef set and posed in front of the oven lol:

Then it was Jai's turn to try on the chef set, Jordan said they could share that! Jordan then quickly claimed the magicians cape and crown as HIS items too lol.

Jai looks adorable in his mechanics overalls and had to have his photo taken with the car he bought Jordan for his birthday!

The mechanic overalls were so apt Marie, Jai even already had his Hot Wheels t-shirt on and had to show it off too.

During all the photo taking, Jai got the giggles:

And then of course some silliness ensued:

Thank you so much for these Marie and thanks for organising this swap :)

Natalie xx


Cass said...

Wow Marie you did a great job and Natalie the boys look fantastic. I can't believe what a little man Jordan is turning into.

Andrea said...

Oh Natalie that bought a smile to my face. What great photos of your lovely boys, I can't get over how much they are like you.

Well done Marie, you have done a fantastic job.

Helen said...

Grat picts Natalie, the boys look like they are having so much fun! Great job on the outfits Marie!!! Looove the overalls! :)

Marie said...

Love the photos Natalie - hope the boys get lots of fun out of the clothes!

Leah said...

Marie - that is so amazing! I am glad I didn't go in this swap now - you would have put me to shame! And how cute are the boys Nat - you should be so proud of yourself, they're lovely lil men.

tigerfilly said...

They are very very cool costumes - the tiger clan would be envious!

Austy's Mum said...

Aaaaww - they look SOOOOOO cute! Love the mechanics overalls. Marie has done a fantastic job, how cool is the blue chef set?!