Sunday, February 17, 2008

(kind of) Recent Sewing

Well, I say 'kind of' recent as these were both items that I started towards the end of last year and only manged to finish at the beginning of this year (which was actually a month ago already!!!!)

Firstly here's a pair of long shorts for Jordan. He found the camo print in my stash which was really just a small remnant I found in a spotlight $5 bag with various other fabric pieces. I personally don't really like camo print, so was thankful that there wasn't enough to make his shorts from, but there was just a perfect amount to use as trimmings, so I decided to make the pockets, pocket facings and back flaps all camo against the army green drill.
I'm really happy with how they turned out (even if they did end up taking so long!) and the best thing is that Jordan put them on right away and pretty much then again everyday after school saying that they were his favourite (awwwww,)

Secondly is the shirt for Jai, I used the Ottobre Shirt pattern from their workshop pattern - it was a little confusing at first, and I ended up taking it along to a sewing class at my local Janome shop, where they kind of confused me a bit more, suggesting to change it here and there. In the end though I finally worked it out and got it finished (I used the same pattern for the boys' christmas shirts, but found it easier as I followed the instructions on my own!)
Jai loves it, mainly because of the little elephant buttons I put on it, so he calls it his 'elephant shirt' and proudly shows me the buttons every time he wears it saying "look at the buttons mummy, they're so cute" (another awwwww moment lol).

So far I have another shirt that is a WIP, same pattern but in the long sleeve version - I really need to get it finished soon as at the rate Jai is growing lately it won't be too long before he outgrows it already!

Thanks for looking!


Cass said...

The shirt looks great Natalie but I absolutely love the shorts.

Marie said...

They both look great - lucky boys.

Austy's Mum said...

Fantastic sewing Natalie - looking way better than bought ones. I ADORE that shirt (and Jai makes a very cute model!)

Cascade Lily said...

Jai is very cute! You did so well on the shirt! I find their collar instructions impossible to decipher!!