Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Curtains

I have some new curtains to make now, one set for the baby's room and another for Jordan's room. I just can't find the right size in the fabric I like in ready mades, so hoped I wasn't tackling too much of a big job being so late in this pregnancy. I'm happy to report, that so far so good - it has been as straight forward as I hoped it would be. I started on the pale pink ones for the baby's room, here's one down,

and the matching one is almost finished, (just have to fold down the top hem and stitch on the pencil pleat tape on that one). Then I will get Steve to put up the curtain track so I can check the length before I sew the bottom hems on both of them.

Then I'll get started on Jordan's too - which should come together even a little bit quicker as I now know exactly what I'm doing!

It feels so good to be regularly sewing again!


Helen said...

The pale pink looks lovely Nat! Good to see you sewing again!

Anonymous said...