Friday, September 26, 2008

long time between posts

Well despite my good intentions, it has been far too long since I updated my blog. Life is hectic here with 3 children - I forgot how time consuming newborns are! In between all the usual 'mum stuff' I've also been re-organising my craft room - and unfortunately this has meant pulling everything out, going through it and putting it away properly! I probably should've taken some 'before' shots, but that would've been way to embarassing too - I could barely get myself in the door. These progress shots were taken after I hauled everything out and dumped it either Cheriese's room (she is still in our room) or the hallway!

My sewing area, I really should fold the table up when I've finished, but as you can see by the almost finished PJ pants on the corner, that I didn't actually get to finish, but got called away. (The pjs have since been hemmed!). Stacked up in the corner is about a million and one craft magazines that I found.

My shelves have gotten so messy :( I have bought new storage containers to help cut through the clutter (the purple boxes on the top are full of fabric!)

The left side of my cupboard, see how everything has gotten totally out of control!!! The purple drawers are new, think they'll be perfect to house all my notions like ribbons, elastic, snaps and also one for my new scrapbooking supplies that I've been gathering lately too.

Right side of the cupboard, all the fabric that doesn't fit into my storage boxes on the top of my shelves - mainly things that I've bought and washed, but haven't sorted yet. The plastic storage tub is full of scraps.....

Here's the stuff that has been kicked out into the hallway for now - the tub is full of washed fabric, and the bags on top of that are things to be mended (most of it has probably been outgrown by now!)

Close up of the box on the right - it is full of fabric to be washed, some of it still in the postage packaging *oops* I can't wait to go through it all - I know there are some lovely pieces in there, will be lovely getting my room all organised again.

So with all this chaos around me, it hasn't been easy to keep up with my crafts. It has been really getting me down as my crafting had become to special to me. Lately I've struggled to find the time to finish cleaning up my craft room, and anything else for that matter - baskets of laundry decorate our house, the sink is always prettied up with dirty dishes, and I seem to be missing out on playing games with my boys. All up I've felt like a total failure as a mother and wife. Luckily I had a bit of a whinge about it to the lovely ladies in the EB sewing group. They are all so beautiful and supportive and Karen had the best advice for me, to concentrate on what I HAVE done instead of what i haven't. I can't believe I didn't look at it that way before, but as soon as I thought of it in that way, I immediately began to feel better. I have done quite a lot during these last few months. I'm never sitting around idle, always cuddling someone, feeding someone, putting something away, have something in the wash.... AND still found the time and space to do some sewing! (BTW I'm very jealous of Karen - with two year old twins and a newborn and you should see all the stuff SHE gets done!!! she is just amazing!)

PJ bottoms for Jai, haven't taken a photo of Jordans, just need to team up with a plain top I can applique.

and a pram liner for Cheriese - soft dotty minky on one side and adorable unicorn quilting cotton for the other.

And now I can finally add 'updated blog' to my long list of accomplishments today too


Cass said...

Natalie, nice to see you back. You are doing a wonderful job and I'm sure when things settle down you will be sewing up a storm

Emma said...

Wow, I love your shelves and boxes! Now tell me, where did you get the black and white boxes, and the red and white magazine boxes??? I desperately need to store my magazines (and everything else!) better.

Natalie said...

Emma, the large black and white boxes I got from Freedom Furniture, the smaller ones I found in the Reject Shop. The red magazine holders are at IKEA!

Tracy said...

Wow that is some fabric stash ;)