Friday, January 23, 2009

My hairbows

I started making hairbows ;late last year, just a couple to start off with and then (like most crafty things) I found myself addicted and had so many ideas running around my head. So then started buying up ribbon like a mad woman! I made a whole lot up for my market last October and they were really popular. Since then I've been trying to get a nice collection together to put up on my webstore and to take to future markets, but I keep giving them away as gifts to friends, or they end up in Miss Cheriese's hair. I know she hardly HAS any hair, but I found these teeny tiny snap clips that hold onto the slightest wisp of hair. They just look so darn cute on her!

So I figured I'd better gather up those that I have left so I can show them off:

small, dainty bows:
bigger, bold bows:
Too cute modeled shot:
There's quite a few that didn't make the photo, I think there are some in Miss C's jewellery box and some more scattered around the house.....

I am also going to putting the hairbows and my children's jewellery under a new label too, but have to double check that the name I've chosen is available and then talk DH into letting me register it ;)

I have a market stall at a fundraiser in March - I'm going to be amongst the "big boys" for this one, ie Tupperware, enjo, nutrimetrics etc. So I have to get a lot more made up for then.



Cathy said...

love the new hair bows - very cute! your little model is gorgeous as well!

lolliegirl said...

Oooh! I love those bows! They are just adorable (as is the super cute model ;)).

I'm sure you'll do well at the markets.

AJ said...

Super cute Natalie!!

Have fun at the markets!

Cass said...

Natalie they look great. Good luck at the market

Little Munchkins said...

They are gorgeous! My DD loves them :)

Krissy said...

they are so gorgeous! If only my little princess would let me put things in her hair . . .

I have your dress almost ready and have a little sneak peek for you also . .

If you can email me your address etc at

Austy's Mum said...

Beautiful! I wish Maddy had some hair for them.