Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Play that funky music!

I am trying to add handmade items to part or all of my gifts this year, I succeded with Jai in making and gifting him his Lightning McQueen outfit, which he was thrilled with. I decided to do an applique tee for my nephew Cooper who just turned 7, to add to the toys my boys had picked out for him. After flicking through my fabric stash I found the Michael Miller guitar fabric I bought awhlie ago and knew then I HAD to do a guitar applique for Cooper.

Best of all he loved it too! (so did Jordan and Jai so I think there'll be another 2 made up very soon.)



Cass said...

Natalie I love it too, fantastic

Little Munchkins said...

I think it looks fantastic too. I still have this fabric and also in the black colourway so I might have to do an applique t-shirt too.

Cathy said...

love the guitar t-shirt - it looks great :)

Karen said...

Natalie this is fabulous - I love this fabric too, like Novy have it in two colours.
No wonder your boys want one.