Friday, March 20, 2009

Kids Clothing Swap - Opening Day YAY!!!!

Whoo hoo after countless hours of pattern selecing, fabric hunting, tracing, cutting, pining, sewing, unpicking, re-pinning, re-sewing, pressing, wrapping, sending and then waiting........ it's finally opening day of the Essential Baby Sewing Group Kida Clothing Swap .

I has been a hectic afternoon here, we had to duck out to do some shopping after the school pick up and were late getting home. I was barely even through the door when the boys had grabbed their parcels and began trying to rip them open. "Wait for me to get the camera!" I yelled as I dashed off to get it. It was like Christmas, 3 excited little children desperately trying to rip into their presents.
Look at all the wonderful items that were inside our 3 parcels today:

First up is Jordan, modelling a funky set with caramel colour cord pants, with lovely button up back patch pockets and groovy matching embellished tee - all fantastically made by Amy.

Next is Jai, sporting a very cool hoodie jumper, in his favourite colour embellished with his favourite cars, along with lovely pale brown cord pants with cheeky sock monkey pockets and even wearing cute little boy boxer shorts made from the same adorable knit the hoodie is lined with - all fantastically made by Marie. She even thoughtfully included some extra sock money fabric pieces allready interfaced, ready for me to use to emellish a tee to match!
Finally Miss Cheriese is gorgeous in so-pretty pink twirly skirt (with some extra fabric thoughtfully included for me to emellish a tee to match!) and again in an adorable ruffled capris and cross backed pini set in beautiful Heather Bailey fabric - all fantastically made by Carolyn.

Phew, three outfits amongst three cheeky excited little models makes for a lot of photos to edit lol! It is getting late here now, so I will update my blog with the items I made tomorrow.

Thank you so much to my swappees for being part of this swap! We all adore everything, the patterns chosen, fabrics, workmanship and attention to detail is all so perfect- this has been my favourite of all the EB swaps and can't wait to do this one again! Special huge THANK YOU to Ingrid for organising this fantastic swap xxxx

Natalie xx


Cass said...

Wow Natalie what fantastic items your kids got and it is great to see them, they are all getting so big. Jordan is looking very grown up and so is Jai and I can't believe how big Miss C is - where has the time gone

Carolyn said...

dont your boys look so handsome!! Those outfits are fantastic!!

And your little girl too... it does swim a little but should fit by summer I think. I love that fabric, stay tuned as I will be making that for one of my girls.

Glad you like it

Karen said...

Great outfits!
I love the idea of positioning the applique at the bottomof the short for Jordan, and Jai's hoodie is great (I nearly made that one Marie!).
Carolyn the fabric in Cheriese's cross-back top is beautiful - love it.
Well done to you Natalie on getting them all dressed and photographed!

Austy's Mum said...

I love that hoodie - have been meaning to make it myself, and I adore Miss C's outfits most of all - so pretty!! The boys both look spunky in their outfits too, and Jai is quite the underwear model ;)

Kerry said...

OMG Natalie Jordan has grown up so much i had to look twice
They all look so very cute love the pants and top for Cherise


Amanda said...

Your little girl is growing up so fast! She's such a cutie. Your boys are gorgeous too, great smiles.

becanne said...

What a lovely family and what great outfits.

Miss Amy said...

Im so glad Jordan's outfit fits! I was really nervous.. the pants are a little long I see but I guess those legs will grow! :p Im so glad he liked them! :)

Andrea said...

What wonderful outfits Natalie. Your children are absolutely adorable and look so happy with their new loot.

Cathy said...

My goodness, your children are growing up so fast! They look very cute in their new outfits :)

Little Munchkins said...

All the outfits looks awesome! I too can't believe how big Cheriese is now. Almost 1!!

Romi Jade said...

Oh my GOSH these outfits are INCREDIBLE!! I absolutely LOVE them all! They look very well sewed and very stylish! Can't believe how much effort went into them all :)

And your children are gorgeous :)