Thursday, March 19, 2009

Photos for Marie

Well my little miss hasn't been in as much of a hurry to grow up big and strong like her big brothers, so there have been a few outfits that were given to us when she was born that have been sitting in her 'too big for her just yet' drawer. Every now and then I keep trying things on and discovering that certain things can move up into her 'proper' wardrobe.... and finally I can show off some photos of the gorgeous romper that was beautifully made by Marie:

Cheriese pretty much lived in these last month, especially when we had that bout of extreme hot weather. I have gotten so many lovely comments from others, mainly asking where they could buy one as well! So sorry for not posting these photos earlier, I was going through my blog photos folder on my PC today and embarrassing realised that I hadn't put them into my blog yet!

Thanks again Marie.



Cass said...

They look great Natalie and Miss C is getting so big

Marie said...

I was racking my brain when I saw the heading, thinking what?!? Now I remember. What a sweetie she is.

Beetlehouse Designs said...

It's gorgeous.

Karen said...

Oh so sweet - great work Marie and Natalie - both creations are just lovely!

Miss Amy said...

I would love to know what pattern that is! :p It looks really sweet :)

Kylie said...

It looks great Marie - I actually picked up some of that fabric from an opshop while I was in Mackay - It is lovely and such nice quality.

Natalie - my she is growing up quickly - so so cute!