Thursday, June 18, 2009

Double chocolate muffins and trips to the park

It was a hectic day here yesterday so I didn't get a chance to blog my good thing for that day. I am secretary of the Parents & Friends group at Jordan's new school and we had a meeting there last night. I bring in cake for the evening, and initially decided on a nice banana cake. Well I don't know what went wrong, but this was my first offical flop - I took it out from the oven and after a few minutes it started to sink in the middle. To my horror, it wasn't cooked enough (despite a couple of skewer dips to indicate otherwise) and so I had taken it out too early. I wasn't going to try to savalge it to take it to the meeting, so instead refered back to my trusty chocoalte cake recipe and whiped up some muffins instead. To make them a bit special I added some white choc chips in them. Thankfully they turned out wonderfully, but by now it was 7:15pm, the meeting was due to start at 7:30pm - luckily I only live a couple of minutes away. Being too hot to put into a cake carrier, I popped them into a towel lined basket and set off like little red riding hood. I felt really good after everyone had tasted them and said how yummy they were.
But that's not even the best part of my day yesterday......... the best thing is that there are 3 left over, just enough for Jordan, Jai and myself to have after school today.

I'm going to get in early to blog about the good part of my day today. It is a beautiful sunny day here in Adelaide so Jai, Cheriese and I walked around to the park nearby. They both had so much fun on the swings, climbing up the chain ladder (yes, even little miss tried to have a go!) and going down the slide together.

But the best part for me was watching them entertain each other running around on the soft grassed area. Jai is such a character, making up funny dances and pulling funny faces to make Cheriese laugh.
She even stood still long enough for a quick cuddle from him and even for a few seconds or two so I was able to get a photo of her beautiful face.
Jai as always was happy to be the perfect model as well.

Thursday is also one of my favourite days, well evening to be exact as this is the one night that have booked in to go to the gym (other days I just get there when I can). But Thursday nights are the best as my favourite class is on at 6:30pm, which is body combat, and lately I've stayed for the second class which is body pump as well. My brother goes to these two as well, so it's great to have a catch up with him as well. I love it as I get two hours all to myself, a great workout and when I get home am feeling exhausted but also really good about myself too.


Little Munchkins said...

Fantastic photos Natalie and oh my that muffin look so yummy.

Anna said...

Gorgeous photos of gorgeous little kiddies! So wonderful that you had a great day today Natalie - and the muffins look delicious!