Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Re-discovered memories

At Jai's kindy they have a folder called the "Family Book" and in it the children are asked to put in photos of their family. Jai was so excited when he brought it home the other day and today we spent most of the morning going through all our photos stored on my PC (I still haven't managed to print any off yet!) It was lovely to go back over the last few years and to see all that we had done and how much my three little darlings have grown, but the best part was watching Jai's reaction to seeing himself in the photos and him re-living moments such as his birthday, christmas, trips to the park, zoo, mother's day, father's day and even Cheriese's home birth. I was especially touched by how careful he was to pick just the right photos he wanted to print out to put in his kindy's book, he wanted to make sure he could find as many photos of all of the people in our family as he could.

Here's some of the photos he picked:

Jai as a baby:

his beloved big brother Jordan:

his cherished little sister Cheriese:

his extended family
a few days old with his Uncle Shaun (my little brother)

At his Grandpa's (my dad) birthday last year

With his Daddy, Jordan, Grandma "Marni", Papa AJ (Steve's parents) and Cheriese

At the zoo with his cousin Cooper

And he said that his 4th was his favourite birthday!
This was the good part of my day today.



Liam's Mummy said...

Such beautiful memories! Your children are very sweet - its obvious how much they love each other.

Cass said...

Great photos. It's lovely to relive these memories

Cascade Lily said...

Some beautiful photos in there Natalie. Maybe you should visit blurb.com one day and make a coffee table book of them?