Monday, January 18, 2010

Pre-Christmas Wrap Up

Phew, what a busy time it has been here! I've sent my lovely husband off to the park with our children so that I can sort through all the photos I have here of all my pre-Christmas creations that I didn't have time to blog. It's funny how when I first started to think back to last month, I didn't feel as if I got many things done, but it's wonderful to have these photos that prove otherwise!

December saw Jai's last month at kindy, with a big end of year kindy concert and I had volunteered to help out with face painting. One of the other kindy mum's, Linda, has her own face painting business and she ran a morning workshop to teach us the basics. As I'd only used the face painting kit I bought a couple of times at home with my boys I needed lots of tips! I came home and practiced on my two boys and nephew Copper, they all chose designs from the book that came with my kit.

Jordan being a robot

Jai wanted to be a crocodile

Cooper chose to be a shark

I had hoped my little miss would let me practice some more girly things like butterflies, but being almost two and sitting still for more than 30 seconds at a time just doesn't go together! Thankfully the few girls I did paint on the night liked the butterflies I did for them and most of the boys wanted to be tigers, which I found the easiest.
Jai as a tiger for the concert

We were asked to donate some food that could be sold on the night so I made some reindeer cupcakes
For Christmas gifts I decided to make some yummy peppermint fudge for Jai to give out to the kindy teachers as well.

Next there were costumes to make. Cooper needed a dinosaur costume for his end of year concert

Unfortunately I didn't get photos of the others I made, I helped out with some sheep, cow, and donkey dress ups for Jordan's school play - one of the mum's made the hoods and I attached on the ears. Jai was also a donkey in our church play, so I made up a hood with donkey ears and a donkey tail as well.

I made a pair of little baby shoes for my friend's adorable little Emily (these match the outfit in this post). I used the cloth shoe pattern from the Meet Me At Mikes books - these were nice and simple to make, I wish my little miss would fit them still.
I sent Jordan on a mission to find out what his teacher's favourite colour was, and he reported back that she liked red and black. I've been wanting to try out the Buttercup bag pattern by Rae for awhile now, so I found some lovely red and black floral quilters fabric in my stash and I love how it turned out. I think I need to make one (or a few) of these for myself.

I also made her a wire wrapped necklace with earrings to match.

I also finally finished off this skirt for Cheriese, all it needed was the ribbon hem and waistband done - I had it half done when I made the larger size for a friend's daughter a couple of months ago.
Finally here's a photo of me and my three little darlings while we waited for the Christmas pageant to start.

I'll leave the Christmas day post for later, this one is already long enough and if you've gotten to the end thank you so much and I promise that I will try to be more regular with my blog updates this year.

Natalie xx


Beetlehouse Designs said...

Oh are sooooo clever. I love the face painting. What a fantastic job you did. Love the bag to bits, and I think the matching jewellery is just gorgeous. Lovely photos, and it's great to hear from you. :) Miss C is growing up so fast. Love the skirt too.

Amanda said...

Wow, Cheriese is getting so big! You did well with the face painting and those shoes are very cute. What a nice Mum you are to make those things for his teacher.

becanne said...

That dinosaur costume is the best I've seen!!
Did you follow a pattern or design it yourself.
I'd love to make one for my DS if you'd care to share?

Cass said...

I love the dinosaur costume and the bag and jewellary. I wore my bracelt the other day and thought about you. The kids are getting so big.

Kylie said...

Looks like yo uhad a great pre christmas - love the crafting that you got done - pleased to see you crafting again - The litte reindeer are so cute:)

Cascade Lily said...

The face painting is fab Natalie! And the bag is gorgeous, as are the earrings and necklace. And everything else - you did accomplish a lot!

Cathy said...

you did a fantastic job with the face painting! and you certainly were busy!