Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Christmas in February

Yes I know, how terrible is it that I'm about to post my Christmas photos in February!!! Life has been so hectic here - Jai started reception this year and for the first two weeks and every Wednesday of the first term he finishes at 12:30pm, so I feel like I've just been spending my time running to and from the school, and trying to fit in all the other 'mum stuff' like food shopping, cooking, cleaning, playing, homework etc etc in between. Hoping that things will start to settle down now that Jai has 4 full days at school, I might even find a bit of my old routine, yay!!!!

So without any further ado, finally here's some photos from Christmas.....

Photo taken in front of the tree, I had to use the flash as they got up so early and it was still dark out!

I wanted to include more handmade elements to the present lists this year, I didn't get as many made as I wanted to do, but was happy with what I did make. Each of my three love drawing, so I followed the tutorial by One Red Robin for their drawing folders - Blue for Jordan, Yellow for Jai and Pink for Cheriese

I searched everywhere for an older style pram for Cheriese, either wooden or cane and found this one in an op-shop for the bargain price of $10!!! Steve touched it up with some pink paint, a few flowers stickers and then I re-made the mattress insert. I didn't need to make a new quilt for it as the one I received from Mands from one of the EB Doll quilt swaps fits perfectly and looks adorable in it!

Thankfully it's good and sturdy, Cheriese spends more time in it instead of her 'babies'

I think they liked the rest of their presents too.....
Jai with his DS, the only thing he asked Santa for, I love the shocked look on his face!

Jordan's present from Santa was an off-road RC car

They are both crazy over Star Wars lego!

Cheriese tired for awhile to fit in to her new doll's highchair and finally settled to give Sweetie-belle breakfast!

For Cheriese's Christmas dress, I used the Miss Lilly pattern from "The Handmade Dress" again - it is the same one I used for her 1st birthday dress. I really love this pattern and this second one came together even easier and quicker than the first one. I found the fabric in the quilting section at Spotlight, even better it had been reduced from $15 to $5 per metre!!!

Learning to accessorise early!

I ran out of time to make the boys' shirts this year. I was a bit sad about this as I've made them their outfits every year since I started sewing. But thankfully I found these ones in Pumpkin patch, in their right size and with the green and purple checks they matched in with their little sister's dress too.
The big day itself was just perfect, presents and breakfast at home - then off to Steve's parents for a big family lunch, and the afternoon was spent splashing about in the pool. It was so relaxing, we even stayed an extra couple of days!

I will be aiming for more handmade gifts for this year already have lots of ideas. Hmmmm think I'd better make a list and get started so I will be nice and organised for next Christmas!

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Beetlehouse Designs said...

Gorgeous photos Natalie. I love Miss C's dress. It's beautiful.

Kylie said...

Sounds like a great day Natalie - Love the pram - we have a walker very similar to that one and it has been doing the famly rounds for 10 years now (DH and I boght it for our niece for her first birthday and she is almost 11)

The dress is lovely and if you didn't tell us that they were from PP, I would not have known as they go so well with the dress.