Sunday, April 11, 2010

Paying It Forward........

Having been lucky enough to have recieved a gorgeous table runner from Ruth from her Pay It Forward (PIF), it's now my turn to host my own. For those that are new to this, here's the details:

The way a PIF normally runs is that the first 3 people to comment will each recieve a handmade item within the next 365 days. They then have to agree to send out 3 handmade goodies to the 3 'winners' from their PIF and so on and so on - so all in all it's a big ongoing lovefest of gorgeous handmade gifts. I think the best thing from this is that you never know what exactly you are going to receive or when you are going to get it and often it will turn up just when you need a little something special to brighten your day. I'm going to be a bit naughty and change the rules a little for mine - seeing as I've been a bit MIA from blogland recently I'm not going to pick the first 3 people to comment, but instead I'm going to leave it open for two weeks to give all the former readers of my blog time to notice that I'm actually blogging again so that everyone has an equal chance to be part of this! I'm going away on holiday tomorrow, so will draw a winner when I get back.

Good luck everyone and I already can't wait to see who the lucky 3 will be so I can start planning on what to make for them!



Beetlehouse Designs said...

Have a great time on your holiday. Have fun.
I would love to be considered for the PIF. I also would love to create 3 special things for 3 people and pay it forward.

Cook Clean Craft said...

I've only just discovered your blog, but love the Pay it Forward idea, and would love to give it a go.

Little O Studio said...

I have just found your blog through EB and love some of the things you have made. I haven't done a PIF before but think it's a great idea - don't know if your PIF is still open but I would love to be considered if it is.