Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Things

I was doing a spot of blog surfing last night and found Tanya's blog, and while drooling over all her beautiful creations I noticed her gorgeous Christmas background and thought that I'd give my blog a holiday makeover as well. "The Cutest Blog" has so many adorable things that you can add to your blog to pretty it up (beware, I got addicted scrolling though all the options!)

Now onto some sewing updates! I'm finally getting around to blogging the advent calender I made. I ended up finding the perfect place, hanging from one of Steve's guitars on our lounge room wall!
The all important "goodies" shot, a mix of Freddo frogs, peppermint creams, sherbets, chocolate money, chocolate Santas and starburst fruit chews! (yes, we went a bit overboard, Steve picked most of them out!)
close up of the quilting, finally got there in the end, but I found the silver metallic thread very difficult to sew with. Luckily you don't get to see the back lol ;)

More things Christmasy - it was opening day for the EB Secret Santa on Monday and my postie has yet to bless me with my parcel, but I can show off what I made for Andrea... well actually I can show you most of it as I realised when editing my photos that I forgot to take a photo of everything all together. So in addition to the photos below, I also made some hairclips for Ellyse and two fabric Christmas trees, a short one and a tall one in the same fabric as the apron. I'm hoping to get some time to whip up some more of these trees and scatter around the house, you can find the pattern here.

Here's my package all wrapped up in pretty cotton fabric (I bought extra to make a dress for Cheriese too, I think it is so pretty!)

Christmas ruffle apron for Andrea, modified a pattern I picked up from Spotlight. Think I'll have to make one for myself.

Embellished tee for Ellyse, I used my new heart shaped yo yo makers and played around with some buttons and ribbons (they are supposed to be butterflies!) Not quite as good as I had pictured, but close to what I was trying to achieve!
An appliqued tee for Ashton. I found the cute puppy picture while googling for applique templates. Jai saw it and immeaditately asked if the 'blues clues top was for him' so looks like I'll be making another one very soon.
I HAD to do the cute paw prints on the back too.
I love swaps, they are so much fun. I always try to do something new that I've been meaning to try for awhile. I love seeing what eveyrone else has made, gives me lots of ideas and adds to my ever growing 'to-do' list!

Thank you so much for organising this swap Andrea, hope you like your gifts!


Cass said...

Natalie your calendar looks great and so does your SS gift.

Karen said...

Natalie I love that calendar, I bet the boys do too!
The puppy T is my adorable - so cute, especially the paw prints.

Emma said...

I love that puppy tshirt, and the paws are a great touch!

Andrea said...

oh natalie I do love everything you made for us. Thank you so much.

The calendar is wonderful, as is the little Christmas touch to your blog.

Cathy said...

I LOVE your Advent calendar!!