Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kids Clothes Week - wrap up post

I just realised that I've had this post as a draft, I just needed to add in a photo of the top I made for Jordan - all done and have finally been able to hit 'post'!.........

Yes I know that the Kids Clothes week was AGES ago, I am in catch up mode here - I just can't seem to find the time to blog lately!

In the end I didn't get as many items made as I really wanted to. I was off to a great start, but at the end of the week was my birthday, so I was spending one of my afternoons having a lovely lunch with my close friends, dinners out and then a weekend with my family.

I did get some another pattern traced off - two long sleeved hooded tops for my boys. I used Burda pattern 9664. Jordan was first as he seems to miss out from my sewing lately. He chose the fabrics from my stash and we flicked through some magazines for applique inspiration. In the end he wanted the skateboarder from Ottobre 1/2008.

I have some modelled photos, Jordan chose to wear this top for his birthday party with all our family, so will show those in my next post as it will end up being a bit photo heavy!

I have Jai's size traced off, just need to let him choose the fabrics and applique. I haven't been in a big rush as he has quite a lot of clothes at the moment. I was tidying up my walk in robe and found a vacuum bag of Jordan's old clothes that will fit Jai now. It is always nice to have new things though and I love how much my boys appreciate the clothes I make for them.

Natalie xx

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